Monday, October 1, 2007

Welcome Gabby

My new niece Gabby entered the world on September 21st after a very long labor at home. All babies are miracles, but it seems as though Gabby is a very special miracle.
Jason and Kristi had planned a home birth, but after hours of labor with no progressing Kristi wanted to go to the hospital. Her midwife and Jason talked to her and she eventually decided to stick it out at home - this turned out to be a huge miracle! Once Kristi had dilated enough to start pushing it took several hours to finally push her out because Gabby had a very short cord and it was wrapped around her neck. When Gabby eventually came out she had to be resuscitated. After examining the afterbirth it was determined that Kristi had Vasa Previa which carries a 50-95% stillbirth rate. If Kristi would have went to the hospital like she had wanted to earlier in her labor they probably would have wanted to break her water and this could have caused Gabby to lose a large quantity of blood in a very short amount of time. If this happened she would have bled to death before anything could have been done, even a c-section wouldn't have been quick enough to save her life.
We are so thankful to have Gabby here with us, she is truly a miracle. I got to visit her last week when I went to Indy and it was such a pleasure to hold this little miracle.
When you say your prayers tonight please thank the giver of life, our Father above, for the miracle of life and for the miracle of Gabby.

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