Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm a monster!

I've been taking a double dose of Clomid for 3 days now and I am a complete monster! I know I am being a monster, but it's like there is nothing I can do about it. I did something today that is really embarrassing...I can't believe I'm actually going to put it on my blog, but I have to - because it's kind of funny at the same time.
Last night I was on my friend Aimee's blog reading about a Diet Coke from McDonalds. I myself am a HUGE fan of McDonald's Diet coke. After reading her blog I was craving one so bad that I almost went out before bed to get one, but decided not to. So today after running a few errands, it was lunch time and I decided to drive thru McDonalds for some unhealthy junk and a diet coke. I pull out of the parking lot and I'm on my phone with Brian...about 10 minutes down the road I take a big drink of my diet coke only to discover it's not diet, but regular! I hate regular coke! I can tolerate regular Pepsi, but regular coke grosses me out - I have NEVER liked it and would rather stay thirsty then to drink a regular coke. I about start crying as I yell to Brian, "They gave me a freakin' coke instead of a diet" Brian says to me, "I'm going to let you go now." Smart man! So I turn around and head back to McDonalds. I get there, stop at the speak and let them know what happened in a nice manor and she tells me to drive around to the window. I get to the window and I have to tell the lady at the window what happened as well. I hand her the large coke and she turns it around to see that I had already taken the Monopoly game pieces off - it's something I do immediately so I really didn't even think about it. The lady yells to the manager, "she's bringing back a large coke that should be a large diet, but she's already taken the game pieces off"
Manager: "it's fine"
Drive Thru employee: "You know, you already took the game pieces off so I really should take them off of this one, but...."
me: "it's your fault to begin with and I shouldn't have had to turn around and come all the way back here. If it's that big of a deal you can keep the flippin' game pieces (throwing said game pieces through the window).
Drive Thru employee: "IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL"
me: "yes it is bitch!" and I drive off.
Miss O: "mom, why is she a bitch?"
me: "Don't' say that, it was a very bad thing for mommy to say and I'm sorry."
Miss O: "is it because she didn't give you a diet coke?!?"

Why does it take a 3 year old to put things into perspective sometimes? Boy do I feel terrible! I can't believe what a monster I am...I also can't believe that I'm putting this out there for the world to read how horrible I am.


Megan said...

I would of given my right arm to of seen that!!!

Aimee said...

Hilarious! I'm laughing out loud. What some people will go through for a diet coke! Funny that it happened on the same day too! See you in the morning!

Anne said...

I think I just peed my pants! You are hysterical!! I wish I could have been there.