Monday, December 7, 2009

Disney 2009 - Day four

On our fourth day in Disney, we visited the Animal Kingdom.  Not being very fond of animals myself, I wasn't exactly looking forward to the visit to this park.  After visiting the park, I discovered that this was one of my favorites!

We started our day with a Safari ride

Jack really enjoyed riding on a big truck!

After the Safari Olivia got her face painted like Pocahontas

Brian found this man walking around playing music

We watched the Festival of the Lion King - this was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen!

While Jack took a nap, Olivia found lots of characters

We also watched the 3D show It's Tough to be a Bug where we got poked by a bug and learned why a stink bug got his name-DISGUSTING!
The most amazing part of the day was the Finding Nemo Musical - this was THE best show I have ever seen, outside of any Broadway shows.  I was so amazed at the details in the stage presentation and props.
Brian started getting pretty sick and we didn't get to spend as much time in Animal Kingdom as we would have liked, but it was still one of our favorite parks in Disney!!

Disney 2009 - day three

On Tuesday we got up and headed to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  This was our first venture on a bus - we had been using the monorail which is super convenient for families with strollers.  I packed the stroller up and we headed to the bus stop.  We were less than thrilled to find out we had to fold up the stroller.  We had about 10 different small bags, water bottles, fans...I grabbed both kids and boarded the bus with as much stuff as I could carry while Brian wrestled with the stroller and the remaining items packed inside and out - it was a disaster and took about 5 minutes - everyone on the bus was less than thrilled having to wait on us!  After feeling VERY overwhelmed and disorganized, we arrived at Hollywood Studios - the kids were ready to have fun and Brian and I were ready to pull our hair out and go back home.  To add to it, Brian had misplaced his Disney card that had his park passes and dining plan on it, so we had to go to guest services and get a replacement before entering the park.  Thankfully, Disney has a way of transforming any mood and it didn't take too long and we were having a blast!

Olivia took a seat on Brian's shoulders for a good view of High School Musical performing.

Meeting JoJo and Goliath

Meeting Leo and Annie of the Little Einsteins

We saw the Mickey Mouse club house, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny and Pooh and friends on stage.

For lunch we went to Hollywood and Vine
Jack meeting Leo

Olivia posing with June, but Jack was not impressed!

These were three actors on the street doing a little skit while we waited for the block party to begin - they were absolutely hilarious!  We laughed our butts off as they started up their own on-the-road band.  They started getting on each others nerves and would make jabs at each other, then they would make-up, only to start fighting again over something silly.

The block party was absolutely fabulous!

Our favorite attraction at HS was the Toy Story Mania!

While in Hollywood Studios we also watched the Muppets 3D and the Voyage of Little Mermaid.

Disney 2009 - Day two

We were super-excited and woke up early on our first morning in Disney.  We decided to put on our swimsuits and check out the pool at the hotel.  
This is the Volcano at the pool
At night, the volcano lights up and has a mist that comes from the top, there is also a slide that starts at the top, goes through the volcano and drops you into the pool below.

Jack and Olivia playing in the water

This is the beach outside our hotel and the view of the Castle in the distance.

After swimming at the hotel we went to Magic Kingdom.  I was finally able to capture the picture I have had in my head for sooo long.  This is in memory of out baby Jesse.

Family pics in front of the castle

Olivia watching the parade

We ate lunch in Cinderella's Castle - before lunch, we had a photo shoot with Cinderella

During lunch we were visited by Snow White



and Jasmine

Olivia got a birthday cupcake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her

Jack learned to swallow swords in the Castle

We visited a knight in shining armor before leaving the castle.

We spent the rest of the day playing in Magic Kingdom.  We enjoyed several attractions: Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin where we boarded a space cruiser and used our laser cannons to blast away the Evil Emperor Zurg; The Barn Stormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm (little airplane roller coaster that busts through a barn); Brian was "that guy" at Monster's Inc. laugh floor; Peter Pan's flight; Olivia was able to keep her hands up on the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster; we spun until we got dizzy in the tea cups - these were just some of our favorites!
We definitely wore ourselves out before leaving the park!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Disney 2009 - day one

We flew out of Chicago early Sunday morning dressed in pants and sweatshirts and curled up in blankets.  We landed in Orlando and could feel the heat and humidity as soon as we stepped off of the plane.  We arrived to our resort, The Disney Polynesian.  The resort was amazing and we felt as if EVERYTHING was taken care of by Disney.  We were going to be celebrating Olivia's birthday that week and they gave Olivia her birthday button to wear all week.  Every cast member throughout the rest of the trip made it a point to tell Olivia Happy Birthday which made her feel like such a princess.  In addition to this, she got a cupcake with every sit down meal and they would sing happy birthday to her and she blew out her candle.

After taking a brief rest in our hotel, we got ready and went to Magic Kingdom.  Upon our arrival, this is what we saw

The Disney Castle with a beautiful rainbow to the right of it.  I honestly had tears in my eyes as I walked down Main Street USA.  I was completely amazed at the details that go into the store fronts, streets and costumes - it's just such a magical place!

We got to enjoy the "Celebrate" parade on Main Street USA and Olivia and Brian danced in the streets with the cast members.  Disney definitely knows how to put together an awesome parade!   After the parade we went to dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern where Olivia was treated to her first happy birthday song and birthday cupcake and candle.  After dinner we were captivated by the most magical fireworks show in front of Cinderella's Castle.  After the show, I was ready to go enjoy some rides and stay up really late - the park was open that night until 11PM, but Olivia was tuckered out by 10 and requesting to go back to the hotel so she could go to sleep.