Sunday, October 7, 2007

Under the Sea

Miss O's birthday party was yesterday and it was a great party! The theme this year was Little Mermaid, Under the Sea.

For those of you who know me, I HAVE to have a theme, once there is a theme I fly with it! Our play room downstairs was "under the sea".

As you walked down the stairs there was blue fabric and spirally things hanging down (Olivia called it the waterfall) and a fishing net covering the wall.

Once downstairs the ceiling was covered in blue balloons, the lights were changed from regular bulbs to blue bulbs, there was a fishing net covering the window with sea creatures stuck in it.

There were fishing nets hanging from the ceiling with blow-up sea creatures stuck in them. And there were green spirally things to look like seaweed hanging around.

For food we had Submarine sandwiches, Octodogs (octopus hotdogs) and shells and cheese (this recipe will make you cry, it's so good) to go with the theme (and lots of other food that didn't go with the theme).

Everyone seemed to have so much fun! We were packed in the house like sardines (hahaha-it matches the theme too!) because it was too hot to go outside - I never thought I would ever have a party for Miss O and it would be hot enough to go swimming! I think the high was 88 on Saturday!!

Miss O's actual birthday is October 15 and she will be 3, going on 12.

Thanks to all the friends and family who made her birthday celebration so much fun, we love you all!

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