Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Potty training question

I think we're at the tail end of potty training - it's been 12 days since the last accident. She has gone about 2 weeks waking up dry in the morning and at naps. She still wears a pull-up to bed. When do you stop putting pull-ups on your child if they are consistently waking up dry? I certainly would rather put a pull up on her instead of changing sheets at 4 o'clock in the morning. Miss O hates the pull-ups too - and their even princesses. She puts them on, stands there and says, "what's down there? Pull-ups feel funny". Is it time to get rid of the pull-ups?


Aimee said...

We didn't get rid of the pull-ups with Chloe until she was 4! She was such a sound sleeper that she didn't wake up at night, and almost always woke up wet. But I'd say if she's woken up dry the last 12 days, you should try it without! If she starts to wet, then put the pull-ups back on. It's worth a try!

Jen said...

Finish off the pack. Wouldn't want to waste 'em! My first 2 were in Pull Ups for a full year after potty training. Greta is dry 90% of the time too. I have a HUGE box of Pull Ups. Dora ones too so I can't save them for Wyatt!

Melanie said...

Get rid of them! Ben didn't mind the pull-ups at first but then when he realized that they felt like diapers, he was DONE! Try it out and see how she does. :) Yea Olivia!!!!!