Saturday, October 13, 2007


Sometimes the words that come out of little tiny mouths can really hurt! I was on the phone today and Miss O was screaming really loud. I have told her many times how I expect her to act when someone is on the phone. After I got off the phone I told her that I was very disappointed in her and that she needed to sit in time out. She flops down on the stairs and yells, "you're not my best mommy any more!"
Ouch, that really hurt!
What hurtful things have your children said to you?


Jen said...

I get called "mean mommy" at least twice a day. I am also frequently informed by Caroline that "all the other moms are cooler/nicer/prettier/ect"

Aimee said...

I thankfully haven't had that yet - Ryan, on the other hand has been told that Brett "doesn't love him anymore." :( Ryan was pretty upset with that one. I'm sure my day will come!