Friday, February 27, 2009

Things that will make you laugh

Olivia and I were playing around with pictures on photobucket and cracking ourselves up. I posted them on fb, but some of you are not on fb so I had to post them here too. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

oh, no! It's starting already!!

What am I talking about? I'm talking about D-R-A-M-A drama, and the girl kind!
Olivia: Mommy will you play with me? I haven't played with anyone all day, not even at school because my friends wouldn't sit by me.
me: Oh, really? Why is that? Were you mean to your friends?
Olivia: (whining) Well, my best friend Lauren is friends with Catherine now, but I'm friends with Mia and Maddy, but Mia and Maddy were together today and that just left me out - they didn't even sit by me - I asked them to, but they were already sitting down and it wasn't by me.
me: Well, if you want to sit next to someone you can't always expect them to move, you could have gotten up and moved closer to them if there was room or you could have made new friends with the people around you.
Olivia: Well, I'm not going to move and that hurt my feelings!
me: Just let it go hunny. let. it. go.

It's cute now...not so much in 10 years!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I wanted to post a couple videos of the kids. The first is Olivia doing what she does best...shaking her skirt! Olivia has a love of music and dance and every once in awhile I'm able to catch it on video. The two of us LOVE to dance crazy to silly music - our favorite song being "Black Betty" because it's a VERY long song and has some great opportunity for air guitar and air drums - we have a blast, and surprisingly it's a great workout! Here she is dancing to a different song.

Jack has started playing peek-a-boo and it's soo stinkin' cute! This isn't the best peek-a-boo session we've had, but it's the only one I was able to capture on video AND it's right in the middle of him having bronchilitis and RSV so he's not that into it, but it's still cute. (Sorry my voice is so loud and annoying - I hate to hear myself on camera.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Great Deals

Looks like the Kmart double coupon deal is not going on in our area.  I read it at but she apparently shops a different Kmart than one that is in our area.  I hope I didn't cause any headaches for you.  If any of you find a Kmart that is offering the deal, please let me know by posting a comment.

Remember all the double coupon offer at Kmart that I took advantage of last month?  Check out my awesome deals here.  Well, Kmart is offering double coupons again this week.  Make sure you take advantage of it.  Check out their ad online and match coupons with sale prices to save even more.  If you haven't signed up online at Kmart you can get an additional $5 coupon off $50 purchase - make sure you have the cashier scan this coupon first and then your other coupons, otherwise if you drop below $50 after all your coupons you won't be able to use it.  

Another great deal is a free baby blanket offer at babies one step.  Click here, fill out the form and answer a few questions.  


Friday, February 20, 2009

He's just not that into it

I just find it so amazing how different two kids can be when they're from the same family - I just don't get it.  Olivia took right to her first food of rice cereal and loved every bite of it.  In fact she continued to eat the baby cereal way into her first year!  She has texture issues and the smooth texture of the baby cereal was perfect for her.  We added several things to it as she got older and sometime after she turned one we started adding regular oatmeal to it little by little.  But she loved the stuff and wanted it every morning for breakfast - I thought I would be feeding her oatmeal for the rest of her life until she finally discovered bagels and cream cheese and now she eat a much greater variety.  Jack on the other hand is completely different!  He will be 6 months on Monday and he still isn't eating cereal.  I've tried atleast 15 different times.  I've made it thin and thick and everything in between.  I've made it with water, formula and breast milk.  I've tried it in the morning, afternoon and evening and I recently mixed it with bananas and he still hates it.  
He has his 6 month wellness visit a week from today and I'm just wondering what the doctor will say.  He's also not gaining much weight - Olivia wasn't a big baby either, but I don't think that Jack is even as big as she was at this age (I'll have to check the baby book) and he had a 1/2 pound head start on her.  He seems perfectly content with breastfeeding - I try to offer additional feedings and try to keep him eating for longer periods of time, but when he's done, he's done!
So, any suggestions?  What were your kid's first foods?  Did you always start with cereal?  I gave him a few bites of banana the other day and he seemed to like it better so I'm thinking of skipping the cereal all together.
I also know there are developmental signs that a baby is ready for solids and Jack is getting there - he is getting better at sitting, but still needs support, the tongue-thrust reflex isn't as strong - he will not immediately push the food from his mouth, but it eventually comes out, he's VERY interested in the family at mealtime - he watches our every move as we eat and drink.  So am I just being overly eager to start something he's just not ready for or do I need to encourage it a bit more?  Should I stop nursing him before offering solids?  Should I just chill and not worry about it all?  or D - all of the above.
You would think that once you've been a mother of a baby that you've learned all you need to learn, but I'm slowly finding out that one size does not fit all when it comes to children.  So what I did for Olivia isn't working for Jack - what worked for your kids?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You want to take it out through my va-jay-jay?!?

Have you heard the recent news story about a lady who had a tumor removed from her kidney through her va-jay-jay? Or this story where a lady donated a kidney and the doctor removed it through her va-jay-jay.
It's a new surgical procedure called Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgeries (NOTES) that uses a natural body opening to remove organs and tissues. They say it's better for the patient because they are not left with any visible scars and the healing time is less and there is supposedly less pain. One article I was reading said that removal through the vagina eliminated the need for a 5 to 6 inch incision on one lady's abdomen. I'm not so sure I would be proud of that - what is that saying about her? Okay, enough, enough!

I discovered yesterday after suffering in pain for several hours and scaring Brian half to death that my gall bladder is loaded with large stones. My midwife seems to think that my gall bladder will need to be removed ASAP which is why I am going to see a surgeon on Thursday. I can't imagine what in the world I would do if I went to the surgical consultation and the doctor informed me that he would be removing my gall bladder through my va-jay-jay. I just can't believe that this is the direction surgery is headed in. The next thing you know you'll be going to the dentist for a tooth extraction - the dr will say, "open wide" and he will not be talking about your mouth.

Friday, February 6, 2009

At Last.....

I hope Etta James doesn't get upset with me because I used this as my title :-)
Jack's room is finally finished!
Remember this post? Back in May, I was totally freaking out because I wanted the nursery done before the baby arrived, but I didn't want to find out the sex of the baby AND I didn't want a gender neutral room. Brian promised me that we would get it done after the baby was born.....well, I finally took the bulls by the horn and got it done - with the help of a painter. I hired the painter to paint all the walls blue, but I did the road.

The theme is "little builder" from his baby bedding. I have a bunch of little CAT construction trucks to put on shelves eventually.

Here's a pic of Olivia "helping" me paint. I have no idea why she has on goggles as safety glasses, but I thought it was hilarious AND I love the Hannah Montana microphone that she was using as her paint brush.

I am so happy to finally have this done. When I was pregnant with Jesse I had plans to put up a border and I had marked on the wall where that border would go. I never ended up painting the room for Jesse or got the border up so the markings have been there for almost 3 years and everytime I go in there it's just a reminder of the nursery that never got finished for the baby who never came home with us. I'm so glad that those marks are no longer visible. Not to say that I don't think of Jesse - especially when I'm in the room that would have been his, and I'm not saying that I don't want to think of him, but it's just another step in the healing process for me AND I'm glad to have such a cute room for Jack now. There will always be a little memory of Jesse in that room because I put little blue footprints in the corner of the closet in memory of him.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A 4 year old's perspective

"Hey mom, that brown thing came out of the hole and saw it's shadow. That means there's 6 more days until Christmas!!!!!"