Thursday, March 13, 2008

so sweet

On Wednesday I had another appointment with my midwife. Before I left Olivia at her best friend's house I asked her if she would like to say a prayer for the baby. She folded her hands and this is what came out of her sweet little mouth:

Dear God,
Thanks for our baby and help to be strong and make so it grow and let me and my baby be best friends.

She's just the sweetest little girl. On most days she says the baby is a girl and she would like to name it tator tot, but if it's a boy we can name it potato. So I think the nickname is going to be tator tot - Brian and I don't even start talking about names until I get pretty close to my due date so we tend to have a nickname that we use throughout the pregnancy. I'm still don't have a strong feeling about what the baby might be, but if I had to say, I'm probably leaning more to the girl side. We'll find out sometime in August or September!

So, my appointment went really well and I got to take another peak. The baby has really grown - looks like it has almost doubled in size from last month. As soon as my midwife saw the baby on the screen she says, "Wow, what an awesome looking femur." I said, "Only and OB would get that excited about a femur!!" But since the femur is a good indication of growth and size, I guess it is really exciting to see such a great looking femur. So everything looks great. I go back to her in 4 weeks and also to my perinatologist for a level II ultrasound


Megan said...

Great news!! Strong femurs are always a plus!!!!

Anne said...

An awesome femur...who could ask for more! I'm so happy things are going so well!