Sunday, March 2, 2008

My pretty little princess

Brian had a 4-day weekend and we spent some time together as family. On Thursday we took Olivia to the Chicago Kids Company to see a Sleeping Beauty musical. She really enjoyed it and was so excited to get her picture taken with some of the cast.

We decided to go to the Fish Company inside the Bass Pro Shop for lunch - if you like seafood, you have to try this place out. Here's what happens when you take a pretty little princess to the Bass Pro Shop

That's my girl with her baby and a shotgun - what has happened to the pretty little princess?

And if this wasn't bad enough, here's what she looked like after daddy took her out on the 4-wheeler on one of the muddiest days of the year.

Even her teeth were muddy - that's just so disgusting


amanda said...

LOVE the muddy face...that is awesome! :) She's still beautiful! :)

Aimee said...

LOVE IT!! The muddy face is hilarious! And I'm sure Ryan would love the pink shotgun - he'd probably have to get that for Chloe! HA!