Monday, March 10, 2008

Ahhh, now that was refreshing!

What an awesome weekend with my girlfriends - we had so much fun and we literally shopped until we dropped! Un-interupted sleep? Not so much! We stayed at the Marriott, the hotel was awesome and the beds were like sleeping on clouds - I could actually sleep on my back without it hurting which I haven't been able to do for a few weeks now. The first night was kind of awkward, getting used to all the noises a busy hotel brings and the church bells that kept us awake at 6AM on Saturday. They actually went off for almost 2 hours - we thought someone must have died or something - what kind of church plays their church bells for almost two hours? None probably - we think it was the alarm in the next room, some jerk probably set it the previous day before checking out - why do people do such cruel things. This wasn't the only thing that kept us awake...with two pregnant women and a mom of three, we were constantly getting up and going to the bathroom - it was a chain reaction, one would go, then the next and then the next - we would sleep for a couple of hours and then it would start all over again. The second night was much better and we slept in until 9AM!!

Saturday brought 12 hours of shopping, interrupted with the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, the most amazing pedicure at 5 and dinner at Houlihan's only because we couldn't seem to locate Champs Sports Bar which we know we saw the night before - long story...short version - we drove around for a lifetime following my iPhone directions, turns out it was Champs Sports, the sports store in the mall - not the restaurant! We settled for Houlihan's because it was after 9pm and we were exhausted and starving.

On Sunday we had brunch, followed by a little more shopping because Megs and I hadn't really bought ourselves anything, but we were so exhausted we didn't last long. We grabbed lunch and headed back to NW Indiana and because we hadn't spent enough time together we all got together for dinner.

Brian and Olivia had an awesome weekend together too - I have lots of pictures to share of them, but I'll get around to posting that later - I'm waiting on Brian to email me some pics from his phone.

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