Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daddy-Daughter weekend

When I went on my shopping trip last weekend Brian and Olivia had a fun daddy-daughter weekend together. On Saturday morning they went to American Girl Place.

She got to see the Bitty Bear play in the theatre - here she is with the stars of the show
Here's bitty baby getting pampered.
Here's bitty twin (Elizabeth) getting her hair fixed.

Brian said it was absolutely beautiful in the city with the snow falling - isn't this a cute pic?

On Sunday, they made green eggs and ham together.

What an awesome daddy, huh? There aren't too many daddy's who would take their girls to AGP on a Saturday, but they had a great time together. He also thought of the green eggs and ham thing all on his own. I'm so glad Olivia has the best daddy in the whole wide world!


Aimee said...

Kudos to Brian!! He even put an apron on her - heck he took pictures of her!!! Good daddy!! :D

amanda said...

What a great daddy! Of course, I have to say that my own hubby is #1, but I'll give Brian a close second! :)