Friday, March 28, 2008

She needs a sibling!

There are a lot of things that Olivia does throughout the day and I think to myself, she really needs a sibling! She plays so great by herself and her imagination is awesome, but there's just things that she does sometimes that make me really feel sorry for her that she doesn't have a sibling. Luckily we spend half our life with the O'Neill's across the street. Aidan and Reece are probably the closest thing she will ever have to a big brother and when she plays with Aaron I imagine that this is how things will be soon when her little brother or sister enters the world. But her and Abbey are definitely like sisters. They are 9 months apart and they play so well together - of course they have their battles, but in general, they get along really well. When we don't see Abbey for a day, Olivia definitely goes through Abbey-withdrawls. In fact, the other day I was making lunch and Olivia said, "Are we going to Abbey's?"
me: no, I'm making lunch
Olivia: but we're taking our lunch to Abbey's, right?
The only meal that is normal for her to eat without Abbey is breakfast - we spend a lot of lunches and dinners together - I'm definitely looking forward to the summer together when we spend a lot of lunches and dinners together AROUND THE POOL!!!

When we were at their house on Wednesday, Olivia had a pair of shoes on that are kind of hard for her to get off. She started walking downstairs without taking her shoes off and I told her to sit down and take them off. She was crying that she couldn't take them off by herself and I told her to ask Aidan or Abbey for help - they helped her and all was well. But, when we got home later that day, she sat on the stairs to take her shoes off and she says to me in the sweetest little voice, with the big puppy dog eyes, "mommy, I don't have a brother or sister that can help me take my shoes off...what in the world am I gonna do?" I just wanted to cry! I went over to her and bent over sticking her foot up to my belly and said, "can this brother or sister help you?" She started laughing :-)

It's days like this that I can't wait for her to have a sibling to do things with. These days also make me think about Jesse - he would be two this summer and they would be so close - I'm sure if he was here he would have helped her take her shoes off.


Megan said...

AWW!!! I totally can identify with these moments!! I too can't wait to see how Reece will be with his little brother. It will be so nice for him to have another around. Olivia is so sweet...she is gonna be a great big sis!!

Aimee said...

I was totally thinking of Jesse today. She's going to be an awesome big sister, helping the new little one with his/her shoes! It'll be awesome!

Anne said...

That child of yours is way cute!!! She's gonna be an awesome big sister!