Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The best part about being a mom is...

Olivia makes me laugh EVERY DAY!!!

Olivia: mom, what's a pit stop?
me: when daddy is watching racing and the cars pull off the track and get gas and change their tires - that's called a pit stop
Olivia: no, that's not a pit stop
me: then what is a pit stop?
Olivia: when you stop behind a tree and pee
Olivia: that's what Caillou and his daddy did when they were camping

And I was worried about her watching Sponge Bob?!?!?!
I guess giving the circumstances if we were out in the woods and need to go to the potty and there was no potty around, we would make a pit stop behind a tree, but is it necessary for this to be on Caillou?

Oh well, I'm sure she'll learn worse! And it WAS good for a laugh :-)


Jen said...

I KNEW there was a good reason I banned Calliou after Caroline!

Wait til she tries to pee standing up facing a tree. All 3 of my girls did after spending a week at the lake with their boy cousins. :-)

amanda said...

We banned Caillou here too...what a whiny little brat! :P I think it's hilarious though, that they've got him peeing behind a tree now...that seems a little risque for PBS! :)

ReeRee said...

I'm just a kid who's 4,
Each day I grow some more,
I like exploring...I'm Calliou.

Yikes...I still have nightmares!

Jen said...

That's why I banned him. The WHINING drove me nuts!!! I have enough whining live and in person. And Caroline would invent her own voice over to get away with crap.

"Caroline, why did you dump a box of crayons in the toilet?"

Whiny Calliou voice "Because Caroline is mad that Mommy likes Rosie better."

Leenie said...

ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH. CALIOU is the most terrible show ever. Even now, Aidan's head will turn to watch it.