Sunday, July 6, 2008

There is potential for this to be a looooong week

We got up at 5:30 this morning and took Brian to Ohare for a business trip to Toronto. He'll be gone until Wednesday evening, but thankfully mommy is coming to save me! My mom is coming up from Indy tomorrow to keep me company and keep me sane! I had initially planned on going to Indy for a few days, but just the thought of making that trip by myself exhausts me right now, so instead my mom is going to make the trip up here - isn't she AWESOME? Thanks mom!
Brian made it safely to Toronto and they have been sightseeing all day today. Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday morning they will be in meetings at IBM and he will fly back on Wednesday. Please pray for safe travel for him and my mom!


Anne said...

Could I borrow your mom??

mommy to an angel said...

Sure...when I'm done with her - which will be NEVER!!!
Just kidding, my mom would do anything for you girls - she still talks about how you looked after her when Jesse died and she was recovering from her surgery! She really does love all my adopted sisters!