Tuesday, July 8, 2008


My mom and I took Olivia to Oberweis last night for ice cream. Olivia got a kids hot fudge sundae and the cup it came in had the following joke

What do you call a cow with holes?
A holy cow!

Well anytime you tell Olivia a joke she has to rework it and come up with another joke - usually they make absolutely no sense and are just silly, but what she said next had me shooting ice cream out my nose...

Hey mom, what do you call a cow with horns?


mommy to an angel said...

Apparently you all did not get my joke - I had to explain it to Brian last night. Here's why I found it so funny. If a cow with holes is a HOLY cow than a cow with horns must be a HORNEY cow!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I found it to be very funny!

Anne said...

It took me like 4 time reading the blog before I finally got the joke. I'm a little slow on the uptake.