Thursday, June 26, 2008

32 week ultrasound

Today I had a 32 week ultrasound with my neonatologist from University of Chicago and hopefully this will be the last time I visit his office!
The baby looks great and is continuing to grow bigger and bigger. I am 31 + weeks and the baby is measuring 34 to 35 weeks with a weight of 5 lbs!!! Big baby! But I always measure big. Remember, Olivia was predicted to be 10 pounds and she came out all of 7 pounds and 15 ounces! Anyway, everything appears to be working properly, but of course we have to wait on the official report from the Dr.
The baby is starting to mimic breathing (fetal respiration's) and it was so cute to watch his/her little abdomen rise and fall just like it was taking breaths! There appears to be a lot of hair on his/her head - this explains the horrible heartburn I have been having lately!
Brian worked from home today so he could go - mostly to try to take a peak and see if he could determine the gender of the baby. He was very quiet during the ultrasound - I couldn't see his face, but I imagine it was glued to the screen! As I'm wiping what feels like a gallon of gel off of my stomach the technician looks at Olivia and says, "That's so cool that she's going to have a sister."
me: She is?!?!
tech: didn't you say 'she'
me: no, we don't know what it is.
tech: oh, well I didn't look, I just thought you said 'she' and my last patient was having a girl - I promise you I didn't even look today!

The look on Brian's face was priceless! I'm sure mine was too - I was a bit shocked and kind of pissed when she said that - I thought, here we've come this far and I REALLY don't want to know and now she's spoiled it! So either she covered it up really well or she really was mistaken. As we're leaving, Brian says, now I'm really confused because I thought I saw boy parts!
So, we still don't know :-P and I couldn't be happier! I find it hard to believe that Brian saw boy parts when he has been known to confuse the head and stomach and he didn't know she was measuring my cervix even after she typed "cx" on the screen and she was all the way down by my va-jay-jay. But, that's what he thinks, so I'll just let him keep thinking that!
Off to another appointment :-)


Jen said...

5 pounds?!?! That's HUGE! hee hee

He's a boy. I'm counting on it since I was at Gymboree last night. . .

Anne said...

So glad to hear everything is as it should be! 5 pounds is a great place to be. Can't wait to meet this little one!

Linda said...

I think that tech slipped and opened her big mouth! I think she was desperately trying to cover up the mistake she made. We know it's going to be one or the other!:) Can't wait to love another little one!