Saturday, December 20, 2008

The video of the week!

We went outside today to play in the snow - but unfortunately the snow was covered with an inch or two of ice. It turned out to be fun anyway!! Olivia spent most of her time on her bottom. I was able to capture a little video and my timing could not have been more perfect. I caught her falling, but the funniest part was when she stood up and stepped in the whole that a certain part of her body had made - listen carefully to what she said.

If you can't hear what she said see below...................

She fell and made a hole in the ice with her butt. She stood up and played for a few seconds and then stepped in the whole and said, "I'm stepping in my butt hole!" and of course since I laughed (and nearly peed my pants) she had to repeat it once more a minute later!


Linda said...

I thought it was funny when you told me about it, but actually hearing her makes it hysterical!!!!

On Stage said...

Too funny! You can play it for her boyfriends when she's older!