Friday, December 19, 2008

Preschool Christmas party

During the month of December the kids "traveled" around the world visiting different countries to learn how they celebrate during the Christmas season.  Each day at school they "flew" to a different country.  On Wednesday they arrived back to the United States and packed their bags to come home!  She left school on Wednesday with her "suitcase" packed full of all the goodies that they made throughout the month.  It was such a treat to sit down with her and learn from a 4 year old about different countries and their traditions.  She learned all about the wooden dutch shoes that the kids in Holland sit out filled with treats for the reindeer and on a picture she had to write and color what she would put in her shoes if she lived in Holland and she said "hay and broccoli".  While "visiting" Mexico she painted a maraca and made a poinsettia pin to wear.  She sewed a pillowcase and placed pictures of presents she wanted inside just like the kids in Australia do and on Christmas Eve the pillowcase is filled with their gifts.  She learned that in France, mistletoe is hung and you stand under it and make a wish - not like what we do in the states with the kiss!  She had to write her wish on the mistletoe and it was to have her baby Jack come to her school - that came true!!  Olivia had her preschool Christmas party yesterday and Jack and myself were her guests!   The kids played snowman bowling, made treats and crafts and we listened to a story about snowmen at night.  

Here she is putting her finishing touches on her snowman

Here's the kids racing the parents to build a snowman

Santa's arrival

Explaining to Santa what a Rescue Pet Swim Puppy is so that he and his elves can make one

This picture is a little blurry, but I just love the emotion that it captures in her face - she's just amazed!

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