Friday, December 5, 2008

Free gift certificates

So my friend Aimee introduced me to a month or so ago and I just can't get enough of it. You can go online and purchase printable gift certificates for a fraction of the price! For instance, there was a gift certificate to a restaurant for $10, but the cost was only $3, but I found a coupon code online and got it even cheaper! You purchase it using your CC or paypal and then you get a link in your email to print - it's that easy! AND it's legit!! Well, I discovered this feed it forward thing that is doing and each day you can go on their webiste by clicking here and you can sign up 3 people EVERY day to receive a free $10 giftcard - you can sign up the same three people every day or you can sign up different people every day - you can also sign up yourself!! The person will get an email and details on how to redeem your gift card, go online, find the restaurant of your choice and print your gift certificate - it really is that simple!

There are some stipulations on some gift certificates - like it might be valid only for lunch, or on a purchase of $25+, or must be presented before purchase.....

So start printing your gift certificates and enjoy!

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Megan said...

Sweet!! Thanks girls!!