Thursday, December 11, 2008

She's pretty smart!

Olivia was playing with this flying polly pocket toy - polly gets strapped to a winged contraption and loaded into a launcher, then you push the button and she goes flying across the room. I put Jack down on the floor to play and told her DO NOT POINT THAT ANYWHERE NEAR JACK - POINT IT THAT WAY!!! As I pointed across the room. What does she do? She sits down next to Jack and pushes the freakin' button right next to his head! He starts screaming - not that he was hurt, she actually didn't hit him with the flying polly, but it scared the daylights out of him!! I had her pick the toy up and hand it to me and I put it up. I told her she couldn't play with it right now because she intentionally disobeyed me. She stomped to the corner and did her silent pouting - I love when she does the silent kind :-) She stayed there for several minutes before jumping up and running upstairs. I thought this was odd because typically after she pouts she comes to me and tells me how I have hurt her feelings and made her upset and that she is going to tell Jesus that I upset're typically dramatic girly stuff! But she didn't do that this time. She came back downstairs and very sweetly walked up to me on the verge of tears and says, "mommy, can we trade? I'll give you all the money I have (hand stretched out with her money in it) if you'll just give me back my toy (lip quivering)."
So, I did what any mom would do at Christmas time - I took the money!!! Just kidding :-) I explained to her that I didn't want her money that I just wanted her to be obedient. And yes, I gave her the toy back - I was a softy! She got me at, "mommy, I really want to obey you this time."


Leenie said...

Hey---That's a whole lot nicer than choking your brother w/ a belt! Yep--Abbey and Aaron were sitting on the stairs and I heard Aaron choking and coughing and saw Abbey taking her pink cloth off Aarons neck. I tried to spank her w/ that belt but it was just like a wet noodle so I sent her to her room and had to explain why it was so bad. Hmmm... how do you make a 3 year old understand????

mommy to an angel said...

When you figure that out let me know - I'm sure it will help me try to make a 4 year old understand!