Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Can you hear fetal heartones with a car charger?

Apparently so! Olivia was playing miss Sheryl (my midwife) yesterday with her dolls. She got out the car charger from her DVD player and used a baby blanket as the little sheet that they tuck in your pants. I'm surprised she didn't ask for some gel to lube up their tummies. What you can't see is the book she set up that was the "monitor" for when she was "looking" at the baby inside her dolls tummies.

Later she switched to the ear buds from her "IPOD".

Can you tell she goes to a lot of appointments with me? And actually she stays with Leenie for a lot of my appointments.

BTW my appointment and NST went well today. On the NST, they wait for the baby to have approximately 10 movements. This usually takes between 15 minutes and 30 minutes depending on how the baby cooperates. So they usually hook me up and come back in about 15 minutes to see how things are going. If the baby hasn't moved 10 times in 15 minutes then they will buzz the baby to get it to wake up. The nurse came in after 15 minutes and the baby had already moved 27 times!! Overachiever!! The nurse is for a doctor in the office so I have never had any interaction with her. She asks me how far along I am and when I say 28 weeks she didn't really believe me - she said, "you're only 28 weeks and you're getting a NST like this?!?!" She then followed up with, "what's the reason we are doing this, this is an incredible NST. I don't see any reason for concern!" She quickly shut up when I explained that I had an unexplained 30 week stillborn. I am so thankful that I have an active baby - it has been very reassuring, but at the same time, if I go a few hours without a lot of movement (which can be completely normal) I begin to freak out. So the heartrate was in the high 120's/low 130's when inactive (which didn't happen much) and in the 150's when active (most of the time).


mommy24 said...

Glad to hear that all is progressing well!

I see a ob career in Miss O's future! That should make your husband happy...a good, solid career!

Aimee said...

I just love it when kids use their imaginations and play like that! Too cute!

Happy to hear all is well with you and the baby!

Jen said...

That's so cute! Wait til she tries to give Abby a pelvic. . .which my girls did.

Glad to hear NST looks good. I can't tell you how many candy bars they fed me to get Mr Lazy Wyatt to move! And a few of the nurses there are nuts. They could never remember why I was there. Duh.

Robyn said...

Your daughter is so cute! For what it is worth, I've been there. I had bought a heart rate monitor off of ebay and sat in the set-up nursery for hours in the middle of each night just listening to the baby's heart beating to make sure that it WAS, in fact, beating. I'm glad this one is a mover for you!!!

Ter said...

I came across your blog while googling "angel crafts". I'm not sure why it came up in that search. But I saw that you had a stillborn son a year to the day after I had my stillborn daughter. I'm very sorry for your loss. I also wish you the best with the rainbow (baby after a loss) that you're currently pregnant with.

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Hi there. I came across your blog in Ter's comments and wanted to check it out. I have also lost a baby. My Lilly was lost at 12 weeks gestation.

Congratulations on your rainbow baby, I will be praying that all goes well :) And good for him/ her for all that movement! You go baby!! :)