Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm looking forward to an extra 16 inches in bed tonight

Okay, get your mind out of the gutter! What a filthy mind you have!!

Let me explain - we have a new mattress on its way - a KING mattress!! We're getting rid of our queen and moving up to a king. With the growing belly, a body pillow and a husband who thinks he's the only one sleeping in our bed I am looking forward to the extra 16 inches of room! Plus Olivia slept in our bed off and on for the first 6 weeks and I have no reason to believe that this baby won't do the same, so the added inches will be great once the baby is here.

We also bought our FIRST bedroom set and it will be here next week. We have never had a "real" bed - we've always had just the mattress set on the frame with wheels - and we have only had a chest of drawers from IKEA. This is like the best thing since sliced bread - I am just so happy!!! We got the furniture at Ashley - I think this is what it looks like

If this isn't the exact one, then it's very similar. I can't wait to get new bedding and paint and just have our bedroom finally be complete.

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Anne said...

Congrats on the extra inches! You can never have too many!
The bedroom set is beautiful! I'm glad Brian finally relented and saw things your way!
Sleep tight!