Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mommy boot camp must begin

Here is a list of things we have done over the last two weeks:
Sibling class, 5 visits to the dr office, 2 dance classes, out of town company on two separate occasions, a day at the water park, a weekend in Indianapolis, Father's day, swimming, dance portraits, dance dress rehearsal, 2 days of dance recitals, and for Olivia a 2 night sleepover at her memaw and papaw's house in Indy where she did lots of swimming, visiting with family, playing with cousins and friends, ending in Lafayette with a day in the park, a train ride and the zoo. Not to mention she hasn't had a good nap in the past 2 weeks nor has she gone to bed at her normal bed time or slept in with the exception of one day!
She is sleep deprived and it is showing! If I didn't know better there are some days I would swear that she has ADHD - she is bouncing off the walls and her mouth doesn't shut up - she just doesn't know what to do with herself, I think that she goes and goes and goes (just like the energizer bunny) for fear that if she stops she might actually fall asleep - she's just been out of mind exhausted! And speaking of her mouth - wow it's gotten bad. If she isn't whining about something, she's crying, if she's not demanding, she's down right hateful! For instance, at my mom's house she was put in time out for continuing to throw a baby doll after she was repeatedly told not too. When my mom got in her face to talk to her, Olivia proceeded to say, "Memaw, I hate your eyebrows." WHAT?!?!?! Where does such evilness come from? Yesterday Olivia proceeded to use my shirt as a towel so I flicked water at her and I couldn't believe what came out of her mouth..."I don't even love you anymore." If I didn't know better I would think she was possessed, but in fact it all comes from a lack of sleep, routine and schedule. Kids need all three! We aren't so much scheduled and on a routine that we can't ever deviate from it, but kids need this kind of structure and when they don't get it - boy does it show!
So, mommy boot camp is ready to begin. We aren't doing anything today! It is 1pm and we are still in our jammies and hanging out inside the house - we're on lock-down! She will be going down for a nap in 30 to 45 minutes and I will be doing the same :-) She has watched a lot of tv today and I don't even care - she's relaxing and we're just having a low-key day! Tomorrow dad is "working" from home and we have a couple things to get done - an ultrasound in the morning with the Dr from U of C and a NST in the afternoon, but there will be a nap in between and nothing else is planned for the day. On Friday, we will be enjoying a girly day in the Chicago as we go to American Girl Place with Leenie and Abbey, but we will either be catching a nap or going to bed early.
Along with all of this, the bottle of hot sauce has made an appearance and I am ready to use it if her mouth gets out of hand! I will be visiting Taco Bell for some packages to take with us to Chicago if needed.
AND there is nothing on the calendar for this weekend and the only thing on the calendar for next week is a Dr appointment, an NST and another ultrasound...until the 3 day 4th of July weekend. I am hoping to be back on a schedule by the 4th and hopefully have her back into shape!
WOW, summers can get busy! It's times like this that I miss the snowed in days of winter! Just for a minute though ;-) Then I slap myself and come back to my senses! I realize that I need to take advantage of the good weather and the ability to get out and do all the things we get to do - it will only be a couple short months until the new little miracle arrives and we won't be able to do as much...and then WINTER will be right behind that - YIKES!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer and enjoying time with family and friends :-)


Linda said...

Just what 2 princesses needed. A quiet relaxing day. I hope things are back to normal soon!
Meemaw Barnett

Megan said...

me I used to say stuff like that all the time when I was mom used to say that I had an evil streak in me!! It just sounds like summer to me....I find that when summer rolls around it is so much harder to keep up the rules and bed-times....because the weather is so nice and us mom's want to enjoy it too!! Just hang in there, stand your ground and tell that MeeMaw to do something with those eyebrows already!!! Hahah