Wednesday, February 25, 2009

oh, no! It's starting already!!

What am I talking about? I'm talking about D-R-A-M-A drama, and the girl kind!
Olivia: Mommy will you play with me? I haven't played with anyone all day, not even at school because my friends wouldn't sit by me.
me: Oh, really? Why is that? Were you mean to your friends?
Olivia: (whining) Well, my best friend Lauren is friends with Catherine now, but I'm friends with Mia and Maddy, but Mia and Maddy were together today and that just left me out - they didn't even sit by me - I asked them to, but they were already sitting down and it wasn't by me.
me: Well, if you want to sit next to someone you can't always expect them to move, you could have gotten up and moved closer to them if there was room or you could have made new friends with the people around you.
Olivia: Well, I'm not going to move and that hurt my feelings!
me: Just let it go hunny. let. it. go.

It's cute now...not so much in 10 years!

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Leenie said...

I will pretend I did not read this and I won't tell Ab's that Olivia called someone else her BF---
Drama--see--we all have it-- it's what us women do best. HEE HEE