Friday, February 6, 2009

At Last.....

I hope Etta James doesn't get upset with me because I used this as my title :-)
Jack's room is finally finished!
Remember this post? Back in May, I was totally freaking out because I wanted the nursery done before the baby arrived, but I didn't want to find out the sex of the baby AND I didn't want a gender neutral room. Brian promised me that we would get it done after the baby was born.....well, I finally took the bulls by the horn and got it done - with the help of a painter. I hired the painter to paint all the walls blue, but I did the road.

The theme is "little builder" from his baby bedding. I have a bunch of little CAT construction trucks to put on shelves eventually.

Here's a pic of Olivia "helping" me paint. I have no idea why she has on goggles as safety glasses, but I thought it was hilarious AND I love the Hannah Montana microphone that she was using as her paint brush.

I am so happy to finally have this done. When I was pregnant with Jesse I had plans to put up a border and I had marked on the wall where that border would go. I never ended up painting the room for Jesse or got the border up so the markings have been there for almost 3 years and everytime I go in there it's just a reminder of the nursery that never got finished for the baby who never came home with us. I'm so glad that those marks are no longer visible. Not to say that I don't think of Jesse - especially when I'm in the room that would have been his, and I'm not saying that I don't want to think of him, but it's just another step in the healing process for me AND I'm glad to have such a cute room for Jack now. There will always be a little memory of Jesse in that room because I put little blue footprints in the corner of the closet in memory of him.


Linda said...

How cute!!!! I LOVE the footprints on the wall. How sweet, Shawnie

On Stage said...

The road is great! Great work!!!Love the footprints too!

Megan said...

The room looks great!! Especially the road! You and your artistic really need to go into business doing something with them.

mommy25now! said...

Great job. The footprints are a beautiful reminder of Jesse...I may have to borrow the idea when we get Laci's room done (or started!:)