Friday, February 20, 2009

He's just not that into it

I just find it so amazing how different two kids can be when they're from the same family - I just don't get it.  Olivia took right to her first food of rice cereal and loved every bite of it.  In fact she continued to eat the baby cereal way into her first year!  She has texture issues and the smooth texture of the baby cereal was perfect for her.  We added several things to it as she got older and sometime after she turned one we started adding regular oatmeal to it little by little.  But she loved the stuff and wanted it every morning for breakfast - I thought I would be feeding her oatmeal for the rest of her life until she finally discovered bagels and cream cheese and now she eat a much greater variety.  Jack on the other hand is completely different!  He will be 6 months on Monday and he still isn't eating cereal.  I've tried atleast 15 different times.  I've made it thin and thick and everything in between.  I've made it with water, formula and breast milk.  I've tried it in the morning, afternoon and evening and I recently mixed it with bananas and he still hates it.  
He has his 6 month wellness visit a week from today and I'm just wondering what the doctor will say.  He's also not gaining much weight - Olivia wasn't a big baby either, but I don't think that Jack is even as big as she was at this age (I'll have to check the baby book) and he had a 1/2 pound head start on her.  He seems perfectly content with breastfeeding - I try to offer additional feedings and try to keep him eating for longer periods of time, but when he's done, he's done!
So, any suggestions?  What were your kid's first foods?  Did you always start with cereal?  I gave him a few bites of banana the other day and he seemed to like it better so I'm thinking of skipping the cereal all together.
I also know there are developmental signs that a baby is ready for solids and Jack is getting there - he is getting better at sitting, but still needs support, the tongue-thrust reflex isn't as strong - he will not immediately push the food from his mouth, but it eventually comes out, he's VERY interested in the family at mealtime - he watches our every move as we eat and drink.  So am I just being overly eager to start something he's just not ready for or do I need to encourage it a bit more?  Should I stop nursing him before offering solids?  Should I just chill and not worry about it all?  or D - all of the above.
You would think that once you've been a mother of a baby that you've learned all you need to learn, but I'm slowly finding out that one size does not fit all when it comes to children.  So what I did for Olivia isn't working for Jack - what worked for your kids?


Kristi Barnett said...

Shawnie, The beauty of having more than 1 child is that you realize how much more you have to learn! Every baby is truly different. Solids...ahhh...this causes much anxiety for moms. First of all, remember that breastmilk is more nutritionally dense than any solid food you can offer. Also, the AAP (American Acamdemy of Pediatrics) recommends that you introduce solids sometime in the second half of the first year. That is anytime between 6-12 months, so please watch him more than the calendar. He will let you know when he's ready...he will be sitting up, slobbering, maybe even have teeth! He's just beginning to learn about mealtime interactions, so that is a great start. As far as what to start, LLL receommends mashed bananas, since it is most similar tasting to breastmilk, full of nutrients, low cost, and readily available. However, some start off with veggies, like peas or green beans. Plain, mashed sweet potatos are another good option. Please breathe before going to the ped., first, you know he is getting enough and you have a history with petite children. That doesn't mean they are starved, they are just slower growers, which is what is normal for them. He's a beautiful, happy, baby that is gaining weight, so please don't feel like your milk isn't adequate enough. It is a gift that God has given you to nourish your little one and it is doing a beautiful job! As for the question, "Should I stop nursing to start solids?" I will kick your butt if you do ;) ! Hope this helps!

Love, K

mommy to an angel said...

Well said - you always make me feel better Kristi, thanks!
I would never stop nursing to start solids but just wondering if I should always nurse before giving a solid like I did with Olivia or offer a solid and then nurse...sorry, didn't mean to make it sound like I was gonna stop nursing.
I have an excellent ped so I know he won't push the issue of starting solids if I feel like Jack isn't ready.

ReeRee said...

You know what Dr. Stroman is gonna say: "Don't worry about it, he'll do it when he's ready!"
You are doing an awesome job with Jack.

Leenie said...

6 Months of age: Introduce the chicken McNugget and SMALL diet coke at the age of 6 months.
NOTE: I said SMALL diet coke.

8 Months of age: The McDonald French fry and ketchup for dipping is best for the lunch time feeding.

10 Months of age: A chocolate shake and cheeseburger (not the hamburger b/c the cheese provides extra calcium)

Only at the age of 12 months is it appropriate to introduce the Big Mac and LARGE diet coke.

HEE HEE: you know I am a McDonald's nut.

I say..go w/ what Kristi said. Banana was the first food after cereal and he loved it.

mommy to an angel said...

Leenie, did you see the big mac guy on Rachel Ray last week? I thought of you - he has eaten at least one big mac every day for over 30 years - his total is over 23,000 big macs consumed!!! I think you're on track to beat him!! haha

mommy to an angel said...

Leenie, did you see the big mac guy on Rachel Ray last week? I thought of you - he has eaten at least one big mac every day for over 30 years - his total is over 23,000 big macs consumed!!! I think you're on track to beat him!! haha