Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Two little letters missing

Once again I am wondering why I do not have the letter M along with the letter D at the end of my name...Shawnie B., M.D. - has a nice ring to it, right? So we met with my midwife Sheryl last week to talk about what the hell is going on. We talked about going to a RE and we had the referral in hand. Sheryl wanted to do a couple more blood tests, but basically had no answer for the infertility and miscarriages. I asked her if she ever considered PCOS a possibility...we started going through the symptoms...
multiple ovarian cysts - check
Irregular or absent menses - check
infertility - check
acne - check
Obesity or inability to lose weight - check
excessive body or facial hair - check
Insulin resistance - not sure
thinning of scalp hair - check
hyperpigminted skin folds - no
high blood pressure - no
7 out of 10...the last thing to do was to check my LH (luteinizing hormone) and my FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) - the two should be at a 1 to 1 ratio...mine came back at 18.2 LH and 6.5 FSH - 3:1 ratio
Good news? we now know why I am not ovulating...Bad news? I have PCOS...Good news? It's easily treatable
We still don't have an explanation for Jesse's death or the 1 m/c - the last m/c was because I was progesterone deficient.
So join me in praising God for a diagnosis that should help us get pregnant. Please pray that the medication I will be taking, along with lifestyle change, will help me to get back to normal and allow us to get pregnant. Pray that if a pregnancy is achieved that God will protect the life that He formed and allow us to bring a healthy child into this world.

Thanks to Jen who mentioned this a couple months ago and got me thinking and doing research!

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Lisa said...

I just came upon your blog through Aimee's blog. Your little Olivia looks like a doll! I have two little ladies, and too have had two miscarriages. They were back to back in-between my two girls. I ended up doing progesterone supposetories for the first 13 weeks of Lulu's pregnancy, and I don't know if that is what made the difference, but Lulu is here and perfect!
Good luck to you! I'm sure the perfect little baby that God has planned for you will be on his/her way soon :)