Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dear Husband

Brian, my DH, never reads my blogs...quite frankly, he thinks their pretty silly. This probably has something to do with the fact that he is on a computer ALL day at work and he probably wants nothing to do with it when he gets home.
Some of my friends have mentioned stuff to Brian about things that were on our weight loss blog regarding a potential Christmas present. This sparked his interest so he decided to check out that blog and this one. Afterwards he says to me, "So why do you refer to me as DH?"
me: it means Dear Husband
Brian: yeah, right! It stands for D!ck Head, doesn't it?
me: (laughing) no honey, it really does stand for Dear Husband
Brian: you're lying to me!
So after much discussion the conversation was over and I really don't know if he believes me or not. I don't know what other people mean by DH, but I honestly do mean Dear Husband. He is definitely my dear husband (it's about to get a little mushy in here). He's my high school sweet heart and my dream come true. I love him to pieces for so many reasons.
~He's the most incredible daddy I ever imagined for my child.
~He's very supportive - no matter what I'm doing or going through, he supports me 100%.
~He loves to spoil me!
~I can talk him into anything I want.
~He always has a compliment for me.
~He's HOT!
~He's a very hard worker.
I could go on forever, but I'll spare you.
I am really glad that God chose the two of us for each other. I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through the past 14 months without him. He has been so strong through everything we have been through and alot of the time I KNOW he was only being strong for me and Miss O. There were several times that he would say to me, "but I have to be strong for you". He too lost his son and endured the pain of 2 miscarriages, but he was more concerned with staying strong for me - WHAT A MAN!!
So anyway, he's my dear husband and I love him soooo much! Keep him in your prayers over the next couple of weeks as he transitions to a new job. He is leaving CNA where he has been since he graduated college and going to Blue Cross Blue Shield. He's looking forward to it, but he's also really nervous. He's also praying that he doesn't get into the position that he did at CNA where they expect the world from him and know he will give it...basically pray that he can only give 100% and not his usual 150% - it will be hard for him to step back and go from 'living to work' to 'working to live'.
DH, thanks for putting up with me (especially on the fertility drugs), thanks for loving me, thanks for everything you do, thanks for your hard work, thanks for making my dreams come true and thanks for the happily ever after. I love you!


Jen said...

Aw, how sweet! That is totally like Brian to assume that DH means something different. :-)

Aimee said...

I've heard it referred to as "Darling Husband" too.

Anyway - you guys are so sweet! I love that he spoils you! That is so fun!