Friday, September 14, 2007

Little Miss O

I thank God everyday for my little Miss O. I know for a fact that there have been days in the past 14 months that had she not been in my life I probably would not have gotten out of bed. There have been days where I'd wake up in the morning and all I wanted to do was sob in my hands all day...and then I hear her sweet little voice as she is starting to wake up and everything changes. She was at the hospital for 3 days with us while I was in labor with Jesse and so many of our friends offered to take her home, but we insisted she stayed because she made us laugh and she made us continue forward when we didn't have the strength to do it anymore.

Here's some stuff little Miss O has done lately that has made us smile:

She started dance class on Monday at Donna Brum's Dance Studio. She's in a class that does tap, ballet and gymnastics and it's so stinkin' cute, I can't even stand it! Here's some pics of her during class.

Her favorite is the bear crawl.

She also loves to tumble.

Our little Princess Ballerina

...But she's not always this sweet! Although O is a VERY well behaved child, she, like most kids, has a little bit of a mischievous side to her. We are in the middle of potty training. Whenever she goes on the potty she gets one skittle. She went on the potty and asked if she could have a skittle and I sent her upstairs to get it. She was gone for quite awhile and was pretty quiet so I went to see what she was up to. This is what I found at the top of the stairs...
She had a rainbow of colors dripping down her chin and all over her hands and with her mouth full she mumbled, "mommy, I only ate one"
mommy: one handful? You know better than that, I'm very disappointed. (trying not to laugh)
She started spitting out the mouthful of skittles into the dish. I think the worst punishment was that I made her dump out the bowl of skittles in the trash can...that really upset her!

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Jen said...

Cute cute cute! Love the dance photos. You are a braver mom than I. 3 girls and we have NEVER stepped inside a dance studio.

Love the Skittles!