Thursday, February 11, 2010

Disney 2009 - Day Six

We began our 6th day of Disney at Epcot where we definitely felt like we were 6 days into our Disney trip...and exhausted!  I must say, I think the kids handled it much better than Brian and I did.  I think we did more complaining of the heat and exhaustion than the kids did.  This probably had to do with the fact that they got pushed around in a stroller all week with fans attached to it!  Brian was also feeling pretty bad and waiting for some meds to kick in from a diverticulitis attack.  

We probably spent the first hour and a half at the Seas with Nemo and Friends - we rode the clam-mobile ride two times, sent lot so time looking at the tanks with sea animals and also sat down and had a chat with Crush, the turtle.

We walked through all the countries, but Mexico was really the only country that we spent much time in.  We visited the Mexico Pavilion and took a relaxing boat ride.  After the ride we walked through the Mexico mart and did a little shopping.  Here's Jack trying on a hat!

I feel like we missed out on so much at Epcot, but we were all exhausted and just not into it!  There's always next time!  We're Cubs fans, we've learned to look at everything that way!

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