Sunday, January 17, 2010

Disney 2009 - Day five

Our 5th day at Disney was Olivia's 5th birthday!  We started the day at downtown Disney where Olivia visited the Bibbity Bobbity boutique.  Olivia was picked to be in the front window of the store as she was transformed from Olivia to Jasmine the punk princess.  After downtown Disney we went back to our room for a nap before going to Chef Mickey for dinner.  At Chef Mickey we visited with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy.  After dinner the kids got dressed up in their Halloween costumes - Olivia was Jasmine and Jack was Abu (the monkey from Alladin) and we went to the Magic Kingdom for the Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween Party.  It was amazing!  The park was transformed into a not-so-spooky wonderland!  They played spooky music throughout the park and there was fog coming from everywhere.  All the characters and cast members were dressed up in Halloween costumes.  The kids got to trick-or-treat at different stations around the park.  The Halloween parade was absolutely amazing!
We had a wonderful time and Olivia's birthday was absolutely amazing!  We got back to our room really late and got in bed, but then I realized that we didn't sing happy birthday to Olivia, so we got a cupcake, put a candle in it and sang - then we ate cake in bed...after brushing our teeth!  Dad wasn't too happy about it, but it was fun - Olivia and I just giggled :-)

When Olivia woke up, she had a present in her bed and we decorated the room with the leis we were given when we arrived at our resort.

Olivia was paraded through the store to the front windows.  The lady escorting her kept saying, "excuse us, there's a princess coming through" and Olivia just smiled and waved - it was sooo cute!

This is Olivia and her fairy god-mother in training

Punk Jasmine

Jack liked the lego dogs

Abu and Jasmine

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

Dinner with Pluto at Chef Mickey

Dinner with Goofy at Chef Mickey

Jack kissing Minnie at Chef Mickey

Dinner with Donald at Chef Mickey

Jack kissing Mickey at Chef Mickey

Goofy stopping to pose with Brian

Jack tried to pull off Pluto's whiskers

We found Anastasia wondering around looking for her sister and mother and her step-sister Cinderella

Abu and mini Abu
(we were on our way out of the park and we had already undressed Jack because he was so hot in his costume, but when I saw Abu, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get Jack's picture with him so I put Jack's costume back on him and we waited in line, only to find out that Abu was leaving and Jasmine and Alladin were coming - the cast member with Abu was kind enough to pull Abu aside and let us get a picture with him!)

The Genie was with Abu, but he didn't stop for a picture

The family got a picture with Jasmine and Alladin

This was Olivia's birthday cupCake that we ate in bed after brushing our teeth...and we giggled about it!

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