Thursday, February 11, 2010

Disney 2009 - Day seven

Day Seven was our last day in Disney - kind of bittersweet!  We were all exhausted and ready to get home, but not ready to leave the magic in Disney!

We spent our last day in Disney at the Magic Kingdom.  Olivia had her list of rides that she loved so much she had to do one last time!  This was probably one of her favorites - Goofy's barnbuster!  Here she is in the back of the plane, riding with daddy.  Believe it or not, she actually kept her hands up for most of the ride - just so happens I snapped the pic right as she put them down!  She's a brave little girl.

We stopped for a quick picture in front of Minnie's cute little house

Jack didn't last too long, he was exhausted...and sick of the stroller.

We couldn't pass up a photo opportunity with the fairy God-mother outside of Cinderella's Castle.

A few pictures in our resort lobby before packing up for the flight back home

All week long Olivia studied how the girl characters would pose.  By the end of the trip, she was "posing" for every picture.  Still to this day, she poses like the princesses!

It was an exhausting trip, but it was absolutely amazing!  I was so excited for this trip and to see the look on my children's faces when they experienced Disney for the very first time, but I have to admit, I was just as amazed as they were by the magical things at Disney.  It was a fabulous trip and we can't wait to go back.

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