Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is it really a deal?

Still in the diaper-buying stage of motherhood? If you're like me, trying to find a good deal can sometimes make your head spin! You see a package on sale, but it's a different size than you normally buy at Costco or Babies R Us and you're not really sure if it's a good deal, right? Or is the off brand really cheaper than finding a name brand on sale and stacking with coupons?
I came across this chart today that lays it all out there for you when it comes to Huggies, Pampers and Luvs. It tells you how many diapers are in what size packs and the price to beat per diaper. See a deal you think might be good? Just do a little math before you buy it!
How Many Diapers Per Pack?

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mommy15now! said...

How timely! I spent 15 minutes in Meijer the other day trying to figure out if the Huggies on sale were REALLY cheaper than Luvs. I walked out frustrated (that I couldn't multiply and divide in my head!) and w/o diapers!