Saturday, July 25, 2009

When you need your angel's help, just ask

I was awoken by the thunderstorms last night and as I rolled over I glanced at the clock which read 12:03 AM - July 25th was finally here I thought to myself...Jesse's 3rd birthday. I laid awake and said a prayer that God would provide us with the comfort and peace needed to make it through another anniversary. I also asked God to send my angel to be near us on his special day and to make his presence known...when you need your angel's help, just ask! If you haven't read it yet you should glance back at a post I did a couple of days ago about feeling Jesse's presence. I quickly fell back to sleep and awoke to the wonderful sounds of children giggling in the morning.
We had several things planned for Jesse's birthday. We began our day visiting Lowe's for a little children's workshop that they were having. Olivia and Brian made a helicopter for Jesse for his birthday.

After our visit to Lowe's we went to Memory Lane and spent some time at Jesse's grave. We decorated Jesse and AJ (our friend's son who was stillborn 6 days after Jesse) headstones with balloons, Olivia put the helicopter she had made on the headstone and we prayed.

On our way home from Memory Lane "I Can Only Imagine" (the song played at Jesse's graveside service) came on the radio. We pulled into our driveway, but sat in the car to listen to the rest of the song. As we sat there a butterfly flew past our car and landed in the grass next to the car. The butterfly remained there until Brian walked right up to it.

We went to lunch at Red Robin and then returned home for Jack to take a nap. After naptime we went to the Saturday night service at church because Brian was giving his testimony. After church we ate a quick dinner and went to the beach to fly a kite.

Here is the sun as it set on Jesse's 3rd Anniversary in Heaven - if this is just a glimpse of the beauty we will see in heaven I can't wait!

After the beach, baths and bed for the kids I went to the kitchen to ice the cupcakes that I had made for Jesse's birthday.

As I was standing there putting the icing into the bag I felt something at my feet, I kicked it away at first, but felt it again and so I looked down. It was one of the helium balloons that the kids brought home from lunch at Red Robin - notice I said HELIUM and that it was AT MY FEET. I remembered the balloon being in our bedroom upstairs. I walked over to the stairs of our tri-level and looked down at Brian who was on the computer. I asked him if he had moved the balloon out of our room and he said that he took it out of the room, but just put it outside of our door at the top of the stairs. So the balloon made it down the stairs and into the kitchen and feel to my feet as I was icing the cupcakes for Jesse's birthday. As I stood at the top of the stairs I released the balloon and it slowly floated back up towards the ceiling.
At the bottom of the stairs, down where Brian was on the computer, is a fan that is pointing up the stairs (it's always colder downstairs and the fan helps the air circulate a little better). I walked back into the kitchen and turned to watch the balloon. The balloon stopped floating up towards the ceiling and instead descended down the stairs in the opposite direction that the fan was blowing. It floated in the air near Brian and then floated back up the stairs and into the kitchen where it still remains now.
You might call all of these things coincidences, but for me I choose to look at them as an answer to my prayers. I asked God early this morning to bring me peace and to send my angel to be near me and I feel as though He did just that. If you ever need your angel's help, don't be afraid to just might make your day. Here I sit, almost 24 hours after my story began at the beginning of this blog post. It's my son's 3rd birthday in heaven, but I have such a wonderful sense of peace.


Anonymous said...

sounds like God gave you lots of precious moments and special 'love gifts' from jesse. isn't God just amazing???
much love,
brian, lauren, and sonya

Anonymous said...

shawnie...i loved that. that gave me goosebumps and tears! I remember talking to kylee the day God took Jesse. I had Jackson on the 11th and we had only had him home from Riley for a short time and I remember trying to put myself in your shoes and it made me so sad. I know he is having an amazing time in Heaven and you will all see him soon!
God Bless your family! amy