Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A prayer for Stellan

If you are a Confessions of a CF Husband follower then you have recently seen the post about praying for Stellan.  I'm his friend on facebook and he's been making several status updates about Stellan for the past few days and I've become very interested in the story and have been praying for the family for the past several days.  My heart goes out for this family and I'm just asking you to please please please say a prayer for Stellan, the family and friends.  You can check out the entire story at MckMama's blog.  She's been updating several times and she's on twitter and her last three twitter updates are on the sidebar of her blog.   I don't know this child from Adam, but a part of my heart aches for this mother - I just think that once you become a mother your heart goes out to moms in situations that are our worst nightmare.  I admire MckMama for her courage, strength and faith.  Our God is an awesome God and it shows through this mother.  

Prayers for Stellan

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