Monday, March 23, 2009

WOW - it's been a long time

Now that I can access the Internet from my cell phone and I have the facebook application along with email on my IPhone, I NEVER get on the computer anymore - thus not blogging either.  I actually miss it.  I enjoy blogging as well as keeping up with several other blogs, but it's just fallen to the wayside lately....I promise it's going to make a comeback!
Not a lot has been going on lately - I'm going to give a quick update...Christmas letter/New Year letter style!  
Jack has become a much more enjoyable child!  He's fallen into a better routine, he's eating foods now, he's sleeping through the night and he's doing a lot less crying - PRAISE THE LORD!!!  There for awhile I was ready to pull my hair out! 
He's not one for baby food so I've been giving him regular food all mashed up - he's completely opposite from Olivia - she couldn't stand any bit of texture in her foods until she was well over a year old - Jack on the other hand doesn't like the puree variety and he now has two teeth on the bottom to help out with eating.
He's on the move now and quickly!  He can roll across the room in a few seconds flat!  He's started getting up on his knees and rocking - this is something new for us because Olivia never crawled - in fact, she really didn't discover she had knees  until after she walked.  I have a feeling he will be crawling before too long!  He's not a very vocal child though - except for crying - he's said mama a few times and a few dadas, but nothing consistently.
Olivia is enjoying him much more now that he actually is doing more than just laying around and crying.  She enjoys playing on the floor with him and loves to get him laughing - it's such a joy to watch the two of them play together.
Olivia is visiting memaw and papaw in Indianapolis right now during her first spring break!  I tried talking to her on the phone last night but she told me she just didn't have much time!  She is enjoying being spoiled by her family and visiting with her cousins.  She has had an incredible year at Wholehearted in their preschool program and she will be attending kindergarten there next year.  She's really become interested in drawing and journaling - she will go through a spiral notebook in a weekend with pictures - it's hilarious to sit down and let her explain it to you - she likes to come up with "stories".  
I had my gall bladder surgery 3 days ago and am recovering from that - I am no longer stoned...which isn't a great feeling!  The doctor was pretty impressed with the size of my stones, but he wouldn't share them with us.  I've got three small incisions that aren't bothersome at all, but I have a larger incision in my belly button that hurts like hell.  Each day has been a little bit better - Brian goes back to work tomorrow AND Olivia comes home tomorrow so I'm hoping that I get much better between now and then.
Brian has been working a lot of hours lately and the job has been a bit stressful at times, but we are so thankful that he has a job - anything is better than nothing right now.  He's an incredible husband and father and he surprised me with a get-away for the two of us at the end of next month - this time next month I will be packing for Naples, FL - it was a huge surprise and MUCH needed - I am so excited to spend 3 nights alone with my hunny!  
There, all caught up now!  That's all that's been going on here...mostly.

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On Stage said...

Glad to see you're back to blogging! You are so lucky to be going away to Naples.... Good job Brian!!!! I hope you have the most relaxing trip... sun, san, surf!

I almost booked a vacation formyself to Naples. That's where my sister-in-law lived for awhile. This past month has been tough and I have been begging Brian to take time off so we could go away for a few days. He ignored me as usual, brushed me off because we're going to Arizona in April. We're staying w/ his extended family which we have never done before. I enjoy his family, but no maid service and worrying about my kids destroying the house, cooking, helping out enough.... That doesn't count as a vacation!

I happy for you that Jack started eating solids. Claudia would never eat baby food or anything I put in the food processor. It had to be cut up or slightly mashed. I would have freaked out if William had skipped the baby food stage, but w/ the second one it was no big deal... never worried about choking, etc. Just went with it!

Hope you're feeling better!