Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

We had an awesome Easter weekend "planned" this year.  I say "planned" because it didn't pan out to be as anticipated.  I went to Indy on Thursday with the kids and stayed two nights.  My parents church had their Easter Cantata Friday night that we went to...it was one of the best ones I have been to.  Saturday morning we were back at my parents church for a spring festival that included a bible lesson, craft time, face painting, snacks and an Easter egg hunt.  

This is Makiah (my cousin's daughter), Olivia and Marissa (my niece)

We came back home on Saturday in time for the Saturday night service at our church where Brian and I both sang in the Easter chorus.  After church we decorated eggs, made the Easter story cookies and went to bed...until about 2 AM when Olivia woke up sick - we got her cleaned up only to be back up at 4 AM with sick again.  The night before I had put her hair in curlers for Easter Sunday and the only thing she was worried about after getting sick was the curlers in her hair.  She nearly had a panic attack when Brian mentioned getting in the bath at 2 AM - I had to assure her that her curlers would stay in and we wouldn't get them wet!  Such the girly-girl!  Brian went ahead and went to church Sunday morning so he could sing at both services and I stayed home with the kids.  When the kids woke up, they found their Easter baskets that the Easter bunny had hid in the house...I anticipated Olivia helping Jack find his, but Jack actually found his own!  It was hid under his little activity thing - I layed him on the floor and went to find the camera and he rolled over to it and pulled it out!  Olivia woke up a little later and seemed to be just fine.  She wanted her curlers out and then was off to find her Easter basket.  After being awake for about 30 minutes she wanted to lay in our bed and color.  I thought that she might have eaten something that made her sick, but we soon found out that it was the stomach flu...now it's Tuesday and the poor thing is still sick.  

Jack was too quick and I didn't get a pic of him pulling his Easter basket out...he was so proud of himself!!

Olivia said that Jesus must have told the Easter bunny that she wanted blendy pens
She hasn't been out of bed since this pic - except to go to the bathroom and sit at the table with us last night for a few minutes.

I don't think she has realized yet that she didn't get to wear her bubble skirt that we had made for Easter - we'll save it for her preschool graduation in May :-)

So, the weekend didn't go as planned, but at least we were able to celebrate the Easter a couple times prior to the actual day.  This year was the first year that Olivia really comprehended the true meaning of Easter and was able to tell US the Easter story and what Jesus did for us - - there's nothing that brings me greater joy than to hear her shout out "I believe" when I read John 3:16 to her.

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