Monday, March 2, 2009

New Recipes

I recently came across three great recipes that I had to share.

The first is Chicken Enchiladas with creamy ranch sauce. I discovered the recipe from my friend Susan's blog who got it from a blog named Poop on Jelly. You have got to try it! It's super easy and EXCELLENT! Brian and Olivia are not fans of what I call "sloppy enchiladas" - meaning enchiladas that are smothered in sauce so for half of the pan I did not add the cream sauce over the top of the enchiladas and I added a very little bit of the red enchilada sauce so they weren't too dry.

The second recipe is another Mexican dish. It's called Santa Fe Foldover . I got it from the Eat Better America website and I added grilled chicken to it. The recipe is supposed to be 3 servings, but I doubled it - it was plenty of food, but there's no way one serving would have been enough! I also didn't make it as one whole meal - I separated the dough and made three separate foldovers. I gave one portion of the dough to Olivia and she was in charge of making her own - this is a wonderful recipe to have your kids help out with. I find that she eats better when she is involved in making it. I told her that she had to have beans, chicken, cheese, lettuce and tomato but she could arrange it all the way she wanted. She made her foldover with beans and cheese, had the chicken on the side and made a salad with her lettuce and tomato. I made a side of brown rice and mixed in salsa for a healthier version of Mexican rice. In addition, you can make your own bisquick alternative - this is cheaper and excludes all the preservatives that are added to bisquick. Try this bisquick substitute at wikiHow.

The third recipe is pasta dish. It's called Southwest Fettuccine Bowl. I got it from the Eat Better America website and I added grilled chicken to it also.  This is by far the easiest recipe I have made in a long time.  Make sure you use the chili sauce in the recipe because it adds a great taste!  I thought about just using some extra salsa instead of buying an entire jar of chili sauce for two Tablespoons.  If you do not have chili sauce, or don't want to buy it, then you can make your own.


Keep in mind that I have a VERY picky husband and he hates to find out that I'm trying out a a new recipe, but he actually was impressed by all of these know it HAS to be good now!!

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On Stage said...

Glad you liked the enchiladas. We didn't use much sauce either, mostly because Brian and I don't care for ranch dressing. After I made the them, I learned only to make enough for one meal because the leftovers were soggy!

Check out Poop on Jelly... it's a cute blog. The husband and wife both author the blog and are IU grads!