Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm ready now!

I'm ready for this baby to come now - just look at all of this

What is this you ask?

1 package of red sauce for Lasagna

2 meatloafs

3 servings of pulled BBQ pork

4 servings of ground taco beef

and 6 servings of mostaccioli sauce

All to go in to the freezer to have on hand after the baby arrives and mommy doesn't feel like cooking. I know what all of you are going to say, "well we planned on making you meals....." I know, but it doesn't last forever and Brian takes two weeks off so we also have lunches to think about - I just feel better making up some stuff and stocking the freezer.

So, Brian comes home from work tonight and this is the conversation that takes place after he looks at all the food on the counter.

Brian: What is all of this for?

me: food to put in the freezer for after the baby arrives.

Brian: Well what are you making for dinner tonight? I'm starving!


God love him! I mean, I understand that he's hungry, he worked hard today, it's the end of the week and he's hungry. He's used to coming home and dinner being ready. He really did mean well when he said this, but I could have dumped a pot of sauce over his head when he said that!!

Disclosure: I love you hunny :-) I know you weren't trying to be a pig - I'm not trying to make you look like an A$$ :-)

So anyway, would someone give this baby a memo that mom is ready and prepared as I'll ever be for this baby to come.


On Stage said...

I think the Stage Family will be having supper at your house too! Yummy!!!

Anne said...

Umm. we'll be there, too.

mommy24 said...

Apparently there's a problem with the "delivery service" of the messages....our little one hasn't got his/her message either!

I'll be chucking wood with Brian on Saturday :-)