Monday, August 11, 2008

38 week progress report

That's right, a big, fat progress! Still 1 cm, 50% effaced, soft, and baby is high.
Baby is healthy and appears to be doing just fine, so that's really all the matters, right? As anxious as I am to meet this little guy or gal, I want to meet him/her when it's the right time and apparently that isn't any time soon. So I'll keep enjoying my days and nights on MY schedule, patiently awaiting this little miracle's arrival!


Holly said...

This lil' one will be here before you know it!!Loved your preggo pic!! Chris pooped on the potty yesterday!!!!Woo Hoo!!!! Now I can send him to preschool with a clear conscious!! He's so proud of's really cute!!He started shaking right after he did it and gave us a huge hug. Then, he ran around saying, "Now I REALLY get to go to preschool!"

Still Sane said...

Can you give me a little while? To keep from drinking my stress away, I started making the baby a blanket. I could use a week. Thanks:)