Friday, August 22, 2008

Does a hug help

So I've been having contractions pretty much this whole week - just randomly though. I don't know if I make a certain face with this happens - if I do, it probably looks something like this

or this

But if Olivia is in the room, she ALWAYS notices when I am having one. She says, "contraction?"
me: yep
Olivia: Does a hug help?
me: of course
and then she hugs me

The other night we were taking a walk and she was riding her bike - she even stopped her bike so she could get off and give me a hug. She's just the sweetest thing in the world! I'm sure I won't be enjoying this when the contractions start coming harder and stronger.

Big appointment today - I'll keep you posted!


On Stage said...

I wish I could see your face during "hard" labor. Bring a camera to the hospital when the time comes.

I know you'll have tons of calls to make, but I want one tooooooo!

mommy24 said...

How cute! Our boys keep touching my belly and saying "Bubbles, today would be a good day to come out!"

Can't wait to hear about the appt!