Sunday, August 10, 2008


16 more days until my due date and I'm getting really excited! The unknown of everything, sex of the baby and birthdate, is enough to drive you crazy though! I was just thinking the other day that if I was a repeat c-section it would probably already be scheduled and we would already know what our baby's birthday would be and it would probably be anytime in the next week, but I am going to stick to our original plan of a VBAC and pray that it's successful and everything I want it to be.

I've been doing all the things that everyone tells you to do to try to get labor going/get the baby out and it's not working! I went out to dinner with Leenie on Friday and we had a spicy Mexican dinner. The place we went to brings a little small container of VERY hot salsa to the table with the regular salsa and I was pouring it on my chips - I think I managed to suck down one and a half of the little containers. My mouth was on fire and my eyes were watering! I didn't get one contraction out of it - NOT ONE!!!! I did get heartburn so bad that I think my esophagus has 2nd degree burns throughout it though.

I've also tried to increase my activity - we've been trying to take a walk every day. Yesterday I did yard work. I've been squatting...and nothing is happening! The baby is just nice and comfy where he or she is and has no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon - I just need to be patient!

Since I have yet to post a preggo picture I figured now would be a good time - even though I'm not a big fan of any preggo pics of me...they never look very cute like they do with everyone else, but here laughing!!


amanda said...

Not laughing at all! I think you look beautiful! :)
I tried all the typical stuff last time too...spicy food, eggplant parmesan (quite yummy actually!), walking, "the deed" (I'm too embarrassed to actually say Nothing worked, but it sure was nice to have my hubby take me out to eat so much...I'll keep the other details to myself, lol.

On Stage said...
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On Stage said...

I deleted my last comment because of a typo... I didn't realize that the blog would actually inform you of the deleted comment.

Sheryl always says,"The best way to get that baby out is the same way you put it in...".

Personally, I'd stick with the salsa!

mommy24 said...

The picture is lovely! I don't do prego pics, but took one of all the boys' hands on my belly!

We've been trying to get our baby out as well..."the deed" hasn't worked...all for naught!:) The only thing that happened is that it completely woke baby up and s/he decided to jump around and play until 2:30 a.m.!!!!@

Anne said...

The pic is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I would have looked good pregnant!
I have a feeling this baby will come this week, with me being away...I"ll miss all the excitement. I know what you and Jeff did last night!!!
I can't wait to meet these babies..they have been so prayed for. IT will be great to kiss and hug them finally!

Leenie said...

The picture is cute!!!In time, the baby will make his appearance. You'll be having contractions wondering why you wanted them to come.

mommy to an angel said...

Brian keeps reminding me of that too! But my midwife and doula say STARTING AT 38 WEEKS...I have two more days until I have to start that :-) I'm desperate, but not that desperate!!
Dawn - you said the baby was up all didn't mention WHY!!! Now I don't feel sorry for you! hahaha, just kidding!

Still Sane said...

If you want to go out to dinner again, Billy Jacks in Valpo has a reputation of sending people into labor. I'm not sure if there is a particular food, you'd have to ask. They like to brag about it:) It is my favorite restaurant, so I wouldn't mind joining you! You could always hit it on your way back from the fried pickles!

On Stage said...

Robin's RIGHT!!! Billy Jack's sent my neighbor into labor TWICE. It's the crabcakes. She swears by them. Count me in for the crabcakes- they're pretty good. Not as good as fried pickles :)!!

After pickles and crabcakes, you can go home and froloc with your hubby, down some more salsa and go for a walk!!

On Stage said...

"froloc" is supposed to be "frolic".

I got a D in typing in high school for obvious reasons!

Melanie said...

oh shawnie...what a great photo! love it!!! how ya doing? i'm sure you're getting asked that a lot but i really do care! :)

Ter said...

Why would we laugh? That is a great photo!!! ((HUGS))