Thursday, April 10, 2008

What kind of baby is it?

Well, I had my level II ultrasound today. Everything that should be there is there. Olivia went with us today - some of her comments were kind of funny. She wanted to know what kind of tooth paste they put on my stomach and why. She was able to see the spine very clear and she thought the baby had teeth and hair!
I've been feeling a lot of movement lately and I think I'm starting to know why - this is the second ultrasound that I've had that the person doing the ultrasound has commented on the legs - last time it was something like, "look at that awesome femur!" and this time it was something like, "look at both of those legs - THEY LOOK GREAT!" So we have a kicker in there with some strong legs.
The baby wouldn't cooperate and let the technician get a good profile pic of the face or get some good pictures of the heart so we had to take a lunch break and come back. The baby had moved into an awesome position and the 4 chambers of the heart were very clear and it was a beautiful profile!
So, let's talk about sex! The technician wanted to know if I wanted to know and I told her no, but did mention that Brian wanted to know. I told her that he seemed to think that it was going to be very obvious and he'd just be able to tell by looking. I wanted the tech to stay away from that area, but she had to look because it's part of the level II ultrasound. She asked me if it was okay for Brian to look and I said yes. We got to the end of the ultrasound and Brian wanted to know why she hadn't looked between the legs yet and she told him that she already did - guess he missed it!! Guess it wasn't as obvious to him as he thought it was going to be :-) He got snippy with me saying that I wouldn't let him find out, but he's the one who said it was going to be obvious - I told the tech he wanted to know and I gave permission for him to look - how can any of this be my fault?!? So what kind of baby is it? A healthy baby or as I told my mom, it's vanilla! I thought at one point, I saw the boy part, but then I saw the technician write "umbilical cord" on the screen!! Brian thinks he saw a sac, but only time will tell. I was thinking it was a girl and the only dream I have had about this baby it was a girl in the dream, but on Tuesday I had an appointment with my midwife and the heart rate was in the 130's - so for all of you who make your prediction based on that - have at it!! I must say that after hearing the heart, I'm leaning more towards boy now - Olivia's heart rate was in the 170's and I don't remember what Jesse's was - I'll have to have my midwife look back at my chart.
So everything looks great - I know I'll have at least one more ultrasound - it's scheduled for 32 weeks, but I'm sure that won't be the last!!
Thanks again for all your prayers, I know they are helping - we have a very healthy baby and I'm not freaking out too badly! Please continue to keep us in your prayers as this will be a long summer!


Megan said...

Whoo Hoo!!! So glad baby Barnett is healthy with great legs!!! It will be such a nice suprise for you guys:)

Aimee said...

Glad to hear everything is going good! I'm putting my money on a girl! :)

Anne said...

So glad everything going wonderful!!

Leenie said...

Can't wait to see the little femur--umm , I mean boy, umm I mean vanilla bean--umm opps I mean baby:)