Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Annoying things

Want to know something that annoys me?
When people put artificial flowers outside. Have you ever driven by a house to see a lovely arrangement of artificial flowers in a window box, or worse, sticking out of the ground? How ridiculous is this? I'm not talking artificial flowers that look real, I'm talking about the kind that are obvious...even from 30 feet away.

There's a lot of other annoying things, but who has time for that? So, what annoys you? (my name is not allowed to be a part of your answer!)


Megan said...

You know what annoys me? The fact that the only place that I can find a damn cream cheese Sara Lee muffin is in the cafetereia at Community Hospital....(well,I think Gordons does sell them in a pack of 24).

Anne said...

People who drive with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth with two hands on the steering wheel annoy me. Also when people talk with a cigarette hanging out. It just wags back and forth! Ick. That just pisses me off. Do these people know how trashy they look. I do have several people like this in my family!

Leenie said...

Shawnie annoys me---oops I mean yes--the fake flowers are so POLISH. I can say that because I am part polish and my mother in law does this. Especially blue flowers.. How horrible is that?

How about them smoking w/ windows up w/ kids in the car?

My Father and Mother in law annoy me.. How can they treat grandchildren different? I feel so bad for my kids. They only get 1 lousy picture on their wall and the other grandkids ( the mother in laws) have 3 or 4 each.

How about this---going to the store and checking out when the person in front of you waits until the last minute to get their check book out and start writing a check--COME ON--get a debit card.

mommy24 said...

OK, mine happened this morning and it brought back memories of our day-after T-giving shopping. Alsip Nursery was giving away free WebKinz to the first 250 customers.

Could they simply give you the voucher when you came in and have you pick ou the thing on your own time? NO...too easy. You need to find your additional $10 purchase, get in line, pay and then get in yet another line to pick out your WebKinz. SO, in order to ensure that you got one, you had to make a rush purchase..not wander through the flowers, etc. and enjoy the store. I probably would have spent twice what I did if I had more than 10 minutes. STUPID!!!!

mommy to an angel said...

When people have their kids at the grocery store really late...oh wait, that was us tonight :-) It was either go with Brian tonight with no crowd, or go without Brian tomorrow - I don't do grocery shopping on weekends - it's a mad house! Olivia was very well behaved though and she had a good nap today. But still, this is one of my pet peeves - at least I wasn't at Wal-mart at 1 AM!

Jason said...

Amazing! I was just joking when at a store the other day with Kristi, "Hey lets get these and put them outside." We had a good laugh. I didn't think anyone actually did it!!