Saturday, April 5, 2008

Like mother, like daughter

I recently spent the last couple of days in Indy visiting family. Yesterday we sat at my grandma's house talking about all the times my mom has peed her pants - we started talking about one story that got my mom laughing so much that she peed her pants - yes, she peed her pants while we were telling stories about all the times that she has peed in her pants.
Today when we got back from Indy we went to Leenie's house for Aidan's birthday party. Olivia was so interested in Aidan opening his presents that she was delayed in getting to the restroom in time and she had an accident at Leenie's house - the story doesn't end there though - otherwise the title of this blog entry would be - Like GRANDmother, like Granddaughter - but no! Leenie and I wanted to play Skipbo so we headed off to Walgreens to get the cards. While in the toy isle we found fart puddy!! Leenie had no idea what this was, it's the puddy in the plastic can and when you push the puddy down in the can it creates farting noises. I had to buy a couple of them. As soon as we got into the car we had to open it up so I could show Leenie exactly how much fun this was. We sat in Walgreen's parking lot "farting"!! We were laughing so hard that we were crying...and I ended up peeing my pants!! I had to go home and change and shower! Who knew something could be so funny?!? We took it home and the kids had a blast with it.


Anne said...

You guys are nuts!

Leenie said...

The correct terminology is "Flarp". This is the correct name for the product--FLARP! Hillarious. I literally cried.