Friday, April 18, 2008

Is there an intruder in the house?

Date: Friday, April 18, 2008
Time: 4:39 AM
me: (sound asleep laying in bed)
Brian: (Standing next to my side of the bed, he shakes me) Shawnie! Shawnie! Wake-up!
me: (woke up) what
Brian: (touching my arm, palms sweaty) um, um....uh....
me: (breathing stopped, heart skipped a beat, panic sets in, mind begins to wonder)
Brian: uh, I just heard a really loud noise downstairs and I remembered that I didn't shut the garage door.
Brian: (turns on the hall light, checks on Olivia, proceeds downstairs turning on all the lights on the way, including outside lights, shuts garage door and proceeds back upstairs turning lights off) I don't know what the noise was. (gets back in bed)
me: (panicking, mind wonders thinking horrible thoughts, coming up with different scenarios...)
Brian: (snoring)
Finally when it started to become light outside I was able to fall asleep and not think that some crazed masked man would be seen walking up our stairs - wondering who he would go after first, what kind of weapon...
How is it that men can just fall back to sleep after such a disturbing turn of events? What the hell went on? Was someone in our house?
I got a phone call from Brian at 8 - he was on his way to work and discovered that there was actually a magnitude 5.2 earthquake in West Salem, IL at 4:37 AM that could be felt as far North as Chicago. I still can't believe that I slept through it and Brian was awoken by it - he can sleep through ANYTHING and I'm usually the one who hears every little noise.


Jen said...

Same at our house. Tim was going to chase some masked man with only a toothbrush to defend him.

I was awake in bed and he was up getting ready for work. I felt it and thought it was the train across the street from us. He heard the doors rattle. Another reason I'm glad I don't live in California!

Aimee said...

Hilarious! My husband managed to sleep through most of it! :) I thought someone was in our house too! Crazy! I'm just glad everyone is o.k.! :)

Megan said...

Ha!! So funny....It woke me out of a dead sleep.....I got up to go to the bathroom and thought I got up too fast and was having a dizzy spell!!! I felt it though.....pretty weird!!

mommy24 said...

I am pathetic! I am awake if a child is even LOOKING at our bedroom, and yet we both slept through the quake. Hope we never have an intruder!