Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Getting pampered while pregnant

There's just nothing like it, but when you are pregnant you are so deserving of some pampering. I mean, you're sharing a part of your body with another human for 9 months. You're days are spent making everything from kidneys, to eye lids to bones and all the vital organs necessary for a healthy child - it's a lot of work! (but worth it) That's why I have decided that I'm going to get pampered much more often this pregnancy than I have in the past :-)

I spent Sunday morning with some friends as we got pedicures. There's just something great about looking down and seeing pretty feet - I probably don't have too much longer to still see my feet, but while I can I want them to look beautiful!

So the pedicure was great, but I wanted more - of course I did, I'm a spoiled girl :-) So I decided today I was going for a and make-up! Have you ever had a makeover? I think this was my first - I don't recall having it done in the past. It was nice too. I spent a while in rollers and lots of time in the make-up chair. If you've never had one, I suggest you do it soon.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, the person doing my makeover today was my 3 year old!

And the finished product...Don't I look beautiful?!?
Of course she wanted some too - being the girly-girl that she is...only problem was we forgot to wash away the evidence on her face before daddy got home :-O
And a couple pics of us together.
While I'm showing makeover pics, I'll share these with you too. A couple of weeks ago I went out to dinner with some friends. While I was gone Olivia played dress-up with daddy - what a great Daddy!! There's not too many men who would let someone do this to them and allow pics to be taken.


Leenie said...

LMAO--You look like MiMi from Drew Carey's show.

Aimee said...

Oh, that is just to cute!! What a fun time you guys had! And Brian, well - he looks beautiful too!:) That last picture of him reminds me alot of Olivia.

amanda said...

Oh, Shawnie, you're GORGEOUS! girls are so cute. And Princess Daddy is smokin! lol. Gotta love those daddies for letting their little princesses make them over too. ;)