Monday, February 25, 2008

Confession time

I have a lot of friends who are HUGE Bon Jovi fans and have gone to several of his concerts. I have been asked several times to go and always passed. Bon Jovi just doesn't do it for me! I don't find him all that attractive and I don't really know any of his music, but anyone I know who has ever gone to one of his concerts have always had a great time - even people who weren't huge fans of him to begin with, so this year I decided I would just go and have fun even though I didn't really care that much for him. I was more excited to find out that Daughtry was opening - I find him very yummy!! I can't say I dig the bald head, but everything else is very appealing!!

Chris was AWESOME!!! I would have loved to see more - If I ever get a chance to go to a concert of his, I am there!! It was an outstanding performance and it's just so cool to think that a couple of years ago, he was a nobody - and now he's in Chicago opening for Bon Jovi - that's huge!
So anyway, to the confession part - I must confess that Bon Jovi put on a pretty incredible show. He sang for hours and it was so entertaining. We had awesome seats at the United Center - we were in the second row of the second level and center stage. Come to find out, I know a lot more of his songs then I thought I did! I was not bored whatsoever! I was on my feet most of the night singing and dancing - and I was even SOBER!!
And speaking of sober - I thought I would be annoyed most of the evening being sober when everyone we were going with would be drinking except for one other person who was pregnant, but it wasn't bad at all! Not even with all the belly rubbing going on by an unnamed person! I think she thought it was a lamp and if she rubbed long enough a genie would come out, but that didn't happen. The Limo ride was great too, even though the driver wouldn't take us to White Castles on the way home! But at least he did stop on the side of the road so someone could relieve themselves in an alley - what a nice guy!!
Thanks girls (and guy) for a great time and for encouraging me to go - I'm really glad I did, it was so much fun!


Anne said...

Welcome to the dark side!!
I thought Daughtry was amazing,as well.
I thought my man Jon looked awesome. He has quite the energy to be singing and dancing that long!
I'm so glad you had a good time!

Jen said...

Just call me Mrs Daughtry. Love him. I actually thought he was better that JBJ and Co. Sorry Ree Ree.

Megan said...


amanda said...

My husband took me to a Bon Jovi concert for my first Mother's was so fun! Would love to see them again...even better if Daughtry opened for them. :)