Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New Blog

I don't really have too much to write about right now. Through our struggles in the past year there have been many times where I felt like I needed a place to go to and just write about what I was going through. I didn't necessarily want that place to be a jounal. I kind of wanted a place where other people could read what I wrote and possible comment...a Blog would be a perfect place!
After struggling with infertility for 6 months, after my miscarriage in December 2006, we decided to go on clomid. I was successful after the first month and found out on July 31st that I was pregnant. Unfortunately, less than one week later, I found out something was wrong and began to miscarry.
Right now we're just pretty devestated since this is the 3rd child that we have lost. I have an appointment set up with my midwife later this month and will get a referral to a RE in Chicago.
Right now, we just need your prayers as we try to find peace with the latest lost.

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