Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mother bear's claws came out this morning

Olivia had her first accident at school yesterday. It was W week and they got out the water table to play with water. The teacher said that as soon as she stuck her hands in the water she peed herself. Luckily they had us bring in extra clothes at the beginning of the year so the teacher changed her and she was back at the table playing.
When I picked her up from school the teacher brought out her ziploc bag with her wet clothes in it and told me what happened. Olivia was standing there and looked like she was going to cry. I told her it was just an accident and asked if she got embarrassed, but she said no. Once we got to the car I asked he what was wrong and she told me that a boy named "M" made fun of her. I asked what he said and she told me he kept saying, "Olivia peed her pants!" over and over again.
me: What did you do?
Olivia: Just stood there
me: Did you cry?
Olivia: No, but I wanted to.
me: You need to stick up for yourself when someone is being a bully. Don't just stand there and let someone make fun of you - you tell them how you feel! You should have told him that it was just an accident and everyone has accidents and that you don't like it when he says things that are hurtful.
Later that night Brian was talking to her about it and he said, "Olivia, do you think you could take him?" (in a joking manner)
Olivia: what does that mean?
Brian: Could you beat him up or is he bigger? (again in a joking manner - we do not encourage bullying!)
Olivia: No, he's bigger, but he's really funny! He always hits himself and we all laugh!

Well, this morning I am pulling into school and Olivia says, "hey mom, that's "M"." That's when the mother bear in me wanted to get out of my car and just start throwing snowballs at this kid, or better yet, the icicles hanging off the building (okay, I'm getting carried away).
My mom has always told me about those mother bear instincts, this is the first time that I really felt like I could hurt someone who hurt my little baby! I mean, I wouldn't really hurt a 4 year old, but it just broke my heart listening to her tell me the story yesterday.
I know this is the first of many - boy does it hurt!


On Stage said...

Poor Olivia! I would have taken that Little "M" out if I were you.
You have a lot of restraint!

Megan said...

That is heartbreaking!! Last year Reece came home from school crying because the kids were laughing at him for picking a pink popsicle to eat....he said he just sat by himself on a slide and ate it...I felt so helpless!!

Linda said...

I'm sure the teacher took care of him for you! (Hopefully) God love her, my heart breaks! It's soooo hard to see your kids get their feelings hurt. And yes, this is one of many times!

ReeRee said...

I remember the first time this happened to Noah. I did cry. The neighbor kid told him that he was a dork and to get off his porch. So Noah sat on our porch and watched all the other kids play.
Unfortunately, kids can be so mean to each other. Hopefully Olivia's teacher took care of things.

Leenie said...

Write him a letter.

mommy to an angel said...

She said that the teacher didn't hear him and I asked her why she didn't tell the teacher and she said "I didn't want to tattle" I wanted to say, "you need to tattle when someone hurts your feelings" but that would go against everything I have taughter her about tattling - I always tell her that she has to work it out with the other person and then if they don't stop then you can tell an adult - at least I know she listens to me :-)

mommy25now! said...

So understand. It's even harder to bite your tounge when you're friends with the bullies parents! The first of many "oh, honey" moments....many more to come, sorry to say! By the way, is "M" related to Megzy's "Q"????